Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for August 08, 2008 ~ A Disclaimer...of sorts...

Well, here we go again...when will we ever learn?!?
The other day I was asked by an Internet friend to check out the Blog of a friend of hers, not naming any names here, who was being attacked from the "blogosphere" by a total, bitter stranger. So I did.
And what I found there was not good.
This woman had posted on her own Blog about NFP, or Natural Family Planning. There were several people who commented, telling her that they liked what she had written, had learned from it, or simply agreed with it.
And then there was another woman, a total stranger, who came in and belittled her, attacked her and abused everything she said, using derisive language the entire time. This woman claimed that, since she was from an older generation, that this gave her the right to dictate what others should write about in their own "personal space" ~ so the one to whom the Blog belongs, in rebuttal, went on to publish a disclaimer for herself and for anyone who comes to read what she writes.
I thought this was a wonderful idea, and I am hoping she will not mind if I copy her efforts...after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not?
And so, to all of the few readers who come to my Blog here @ Yahoo 360, and also to those who move on to read also what I write in my two Blogs @ Google's Blogger, I have this to say:
I hope you enjoy what I write. I hope you might even take something from it and apply it to your own lives. I hope you know that this is my own "personal space" and as such, it is mine to write and present in any manner I wish.
I promise I will not ever write anything derogatory about anyone here, or there, and will never use vulgar or abusive language ~ unlike some I could name.
I will write about my family, my Faith (in Holy Mother Church) and anything else I care to explore. I will give away some of my own deepest and personal thoughts and feelings here, and there, and I hope you know that you read them of your own free will. I do not force you to come here, nor do I force you to stay.
If you care to leave comments, I welcome them ~ I encourage them, in fact. All I ask is that you keep them civil and charitable. If you care to email me privately, that's fine too.
But I sincerely hope that you will not expect me to add my own "head in the sand" view of the world to yours. This is where I vent, rave, weep, share, laugh and live. And my opinions and comments are my own. I do not apologize for anything I say here, and I do not expect to be harassed or threatened at any time. Like the ostrich, my world is my own ~ and you are welcome to join in or leave.
If you agree with this disclaimer or not, that is not my concern. I only post this so anyone who does come in here will not be too surprised at what they find, nor at my lack of concern at such surprise.
Peace, everyone......

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