Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for August 11, 2008 ~ Frustration...

My current mood...
Frustration with myself and a situation currently in my life!
Not my family, oh no ~ they are great, thank-you very much. I get along wonderfully well with my husband and children; all is fine on that front.
What I am talking about is this darned website, the one we know as Yahoo 360!
I have tried to find the answers to problems in the Help pages, only to meet with dissatisfaction and yes, frustration!
I have written to the Powers That Be @ Yahoo, only to meet the same.
I cannot find answers to simple questions concerning the hold-up with my own avatar, why it doesn't show and why, when I try to save a 'favorite' or edit my personal photos, it disappears, and also, the entire page ~ unless, of course, I delete said avatar!
When will the good folks @ Yahoo come to my aid?
They write back and tell me that I must wait until all updates are completed and all bugs are eradicated.
Well, Yahoo, that's been done and I'm still waiting...
Still waiting here...
Ok, maybe I'm done waiting. Maybe I will just delete the stupid thing and keep to actual photos!
At least, they cannot delete my family!!!

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