Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for August 13, 2008 ~ Too Much But Not Too Soon!...

Well, I hope I haven't gone and done it!
For the past six months (nearly) I have been sitting around, bemoaning the state of things around here...even tho' I had the kids all helping out and believe me, they did! ...but there were certain things that still needed to be done.
The various chores around here got done in sporadic fashion because everyone ~ but yours truly ~ has a life.
I know when I first broke my leg, I blogged that I was actually looking forward to sitting and drawing, reading, playing on my laptop ~ and all the rest of it. I am a sit-around type at heart anyway ~ always have been. But I don't let that stop me from cleaning my house or taking care of chores about the property, for heaven's sake!
So, with my nearly-healed leg, and the $2000 Rainbow vacuum that I had to have fixed , I decided that today would be the first of my "back-to-work" days. I decided to take the living room apart, ceiling to floor, and made sure that every nook and cranny got the attention that it deserved.
And the family has been complimenting me all evening on the state of affairs here...but there is a small problem that I hope won't become a major one!
You see, I have a very bad back. I've had this for as long as I've had children ~ going on 30 years now. I have sciatica and three crushed vertebrae. So, am I supposed to push furniture around and climb up on chairs to reach high corners, knick-knacks on shelves, etc.?
But that's what I have been doing. All day.
And now I sit here, writing this post and feeling like I've been through the mill.
So, guess what I am planning for tomorrow?
Yep, taking care of my sore aching back...get me the heating pad and a good book!
Because I am not cleaning another entire room til next week......

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