Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for August 17, 2008 ~ Harried, Housewifely...??

A Group to which I belong here on Yahoo for Stay at Home Moms (Catholic) is always getting into these discussions about whatever-you-like...
And this week? One member said that she had been listening to a program where they were belittling stay-at-home parents. (So what else is new?) ...but how come the outside world does not perceive us as valuable, contributing members of society? Why do "they" talk down to us as if they were any more educated or even more "street smart" than we are? How dare they?!?
Do they know that we are just as good at what we do as they are?
For myself, I do not head a major world corporation, but I do head a family...with my husband of 31 years, eight underling members included. We co-ordinate daily activities just as if we were running a multi-billion dollar industry.
We have appointments, arrangements for major family events, day-to-day work and school schedules, life-saving medical schedules, Church-related hours, college degrees, and everything else they do.
We must be here and there, doing this and that.
Another member of the Group actually did the math and figured that we deserve a salary per year of at least $70,000, considering our daily duties of maid, cook, nurse, chauffeur, wife, mother, teacher, and more! Well, that's wonderful and all, but I don't see us getting paid anytime soon, do you?
I have raised eight tax-paying citizens for the greatest country in the history of mankind. I have seen them go from completely Mommy-and-Daddy dependent bottle suckling, diaper-messing babies to full-grown, college-educated, law-abiding members of this so-called civilized society of ours...and for what? To hear that, even after over 30 years of hard work, prayers and worries, that they do not have a Mother or Father who contributes?
This is (pardon me) bulls**t.
My husband has worked for 35 years at the same job, to be retired now. And I am still at it. We are both stay-at-home now, and that's fine with me, thank-you very much for nothing. It's the way we were meant to be and our entire family is all the better for it.
Not one of our children has ever been in prison, violent, disobedient, drug-abusing or runaway. Not one of them would tell you that they feel cheated of anything just because one or both of their parents was anything different than what they were ~ and are!
I dare anyone on this radio program to stand before me and tell me to my face that my life has been wasted, even with my degree in Fine Arts and Education, and what have I ever done with that, eh? Lots, I can tell you! ...with eight children, are you kidding me?!?
I have had the book learning and probably would have been fine working in the corporate world. But what I gave up and what I missed along the way ~ this was nothing.
All the memories and learning I have had for these past 30+ years I could not replace, not with anything "they" could throw at me, not for a million years. The wonderful man to whom I have pledged my life is the first and greatest blessing who has ever crossed my path, and it has been my privilege to love him. The children with whom God has deigned to grant me have been nothing but utter and complete delights ~ every one of them.
And I will go to my grave saying so.
By the way, Uncle Sam, you owe me $2,170,000. Small bills, please.

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