Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello, Good-bye!

So... There it is, all of my entries from my Yahoo 360 Blog to my General Blog here on Google's Blogger! And all I have to say about that is, WOW! Talk about your busy afternoon... Also, I have added all comments that were made to each post, so nothing is lost there, either. I am going to post here the URL for the General Blog @ Yahoo 360, along with adding the URL to my last entry there, so the two will be cross-referenced for as long as anyone cares to check.
And now, my final adieu to Yahoo 360 ~ it's been nice, but there have been so many issues of late (lost avatar, lost posts when edited, lost count, etc.) that I can barely stand it there anymore! So, Google ~ here I am, again! This time, for good...
(Here is the last post I left there, so anyone who comes to that page will be able to find me here from now on:)
Well, I have finally 'had it' with Yahoo 360 ~ too many issues that are never resolved, so I have decided to move this Blog over to Google's Blogger, where I have my other two Blogs (Catholic and Artist) and where there has never been any problems.
So, anyone who comes here to read up on my life (and my musings, lol) you can keep up with what's happening if you would kindly click here:
I have moved all of my posts from here to there, so nothing is lost, including any and all comments from loyal readers...there will be a completed move in one or two more days, just as soon as I can get my Blog Roll up over there and a couple of minor things, and that will be that!
I have tried to tell the good folks here @ Yahoo 360 about avatars that don't work, lost counts, pages that will NOT load (busy servers? Hello~ this is 2008, y'know! ), and if I preview a post I do NOT expect to LOSE IT!!!
Thank-you, Yahoo 360, for never resolving any of these issues, but I am done.
(Just a note here on my Google Blog page, my total count @ Yahoo 360 up til now was 1845. And now I am installing a new Stat Counter to keep track on this page from now on.)

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