Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for May 06, 2008 ~ For Just A Moment...

For just a moment, I was able to stay with my Grandson. For just a moment, I held him, I fed him, I played with him. For just a moment, he gazed up into my eyes, I gazed down into his ~ and we connected.
For just a moment, he gave me a fleeting smile. For just a moment, he held my finger in his tiny hand and drifted off to sleep in my arms.
Our son Paul called us on Sunday to see if we could babysit Andrew while he and Kristy ran some errands and I immediately said "Yes!" Finally, a chance to hold Andrew as much as I wanted, with no one telling me that he has to leave... ...
So, they dropped him off at our house with instructions about his feeding schedule, his colic meds and his favorite "fuzzy" ~ a soft blue blanket that is so gentle to the touch it would put an Angel to sleep!
As I sat here on the couch, my leg up on a pillow and the TV remote handy, lol ~ I held him and cuddled with him.
Of course, all of his Aunts and his Grandpa Mike had to get into the act, so it was impossible to keep him to myself ~ even Aunt Mary came by when she found out that he was on our side of town ~ but sooner or later I knew that it would again be my turn, so it was easier this time to wait patiently while others had their fun. The only one who wasn't home all day was his Uncle Stephen, so he really didn't have a chance to visit with Andrew, but that will soon be rectified. There will be the next time, I'm sure. Around here, everyone comes and goes, busy with whatever, but always with at least just a moment to stop and visit with this newest little member of the family. His parents were to be gone for hours, as even after their errands were done, they had friends in the area whom they hadn't seen in quite a while and who had bought a new house. So, there was that opportunity for them to stop over there, free of responsibility ~ for just a moment ~ and visit, admiring the property.
Back at our house, we were having a wonderful little visit of our own; we hadn't seen Andrew in a week, so it was a great chance to get to have him up close, all to ourselves ~ even if it was for just a moment.
Unfortunately, he has a bit of colic, so there were a couple of fussy times, but what is that when there are lullabies to be sung, eh? I was glad that his medicines seem to work for him, and that he is, all in all, a very sweet-tempered and happy baby. He seems to take after his mother in his looks, for the most part, as far as I can tell, but he has a bit of his father's "look" to him as well, in the way he looks at you. He gives one the impression that there is something he knows that is hidden from the rest of the world...and Paul had that same look when he was small. As a matter of fact, he still does.
And as I sat here holding him while he slept, I wondered, "What does a baby have to dream about? He has almost no life experience, so what does he have to take up his reverie? No sailing ships, no puppies or kittens, no drifting snowflakes..."
And as he was waking up, he caught sight of me looking at him and he gave a small smile. Just enough for me to know that, no matter what his dreams were, they were good. So, again, for just a moment, all was well.
And then, sadly, his parents came back to claim their son.
It seemed to me that, even tho' I had him for most of the day, it only lasted for just a moment.
For just a moment, I held him. For just a moment, I had him. And for just a moment, he was mine.
Maybe, next time, the moment will last longer than just a moment...I hope so.
Because to have him for just a moment is never enough... ...

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