Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for May 26, 2008 ~ Family Updates...

Ok...time to update this thing......I haven't had the chance to write much in the past couple of weeks, but that changes here and now...
Dear Daughter Andrea had her bridal shower last weekend and it was a huge success...about 150 women (and a few interested men, lol) came, sat & ate dinner, gave gifts, met new people and had a great time. It was almost more of a party than a shower, except for the gift-giving part...even beloved husband Mike had a good time ~ not being a big one for bridal showers...I think he was pleasantly surprised to see how they work! Of course, like I said, this was not the usual shower.
Friends whom we hadn't seen in months (one for years) showed up to wish the bride and her betrothed a joyous life and to say how much they look forward to the actual wedding.
It also gave me and Mike a chance to meet with members of Nick's family whom we had not yet met ~ both sets of grandparents for Mike, and for me, the grandfathers; I had already met the grandmothers. Two seasons ago, at Easter-time, we had all met in Nick's basement to color eggs with the time-honored methods of Pysanky. His family is partly Ukrainian, and every year his mother's family meets to decorate and create even more complicated designs than the year before. Sad to say, that was the only time I had been able to participate ~ with this broken leg it would have been nearly impossible to navigate the steps to the basement...
As for our own grandson, we have had the pleasure of being with him a couple of times since I last wrote. He is doing better with the colic and I have even had him laughing a couple of times...he has such a wonderful, bright smile...and when he is content and playful there is no one more lovable.
One of his favorite things is to watch colors and lights...we can't wait til he has his first Christmas and our own Tree is his personal plaything; since I always go overboard with the lights and crystals, he will not be able to take his eyes off of it, I'm sure, lol!
And getting back to my leg ~ one more week and I go to the doctor to see my next step ~ no pun intended ~ do I graduate to the cane? do I go without any support? do I spend another month on the couch? only my doctor knows for sure...One thing I do know ~ if he tells me I need a cane, it is straight to the Irish shop for my very own blackthorn piece.
All I am certain of at this point is that I intend to dance at Andrea's & Nick's wedding in July...and with or without a cane I will kick up my heels in celebration!
After eight years they deserve to be together......and our dear Nick will finally, in more than name-only, be a real honest-to-goodness member of our family, just like he has been in spirit for so long!

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