Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for September 03, 2007 ~ A Good Day, A Bad Leg...

There are good days...and then, there are bad.
I had a really good day on Saturday ~ and I mean REALLY GOOD!
First of all, it was my birthday, my 57th. For some women, that would signal a giant, 'Oh my gosh! How can you possibly call that a good day?!? Do you not worry about being almost SIXTY?!?'
And my answer to that is a giant, 'No, I don't .'
God put me here when He did for a reason...and I have lived my life, for the most part, the way I think He wanted me to live it. I had a couple of years when I was not exactly the best person I could be, away from my Catholic Faith...but there are alot of people who could say that, and even then, that was when I met my dear husband, so beautiful things still came out of it! Like I've said before, being married to him has been amazing.
Then, I came back to Holy Mother Church, and I have been trying ever since to be a better person.
Now, fast forward to the present-day. Like I said, Saturday was an excellent day. Not only was it my birthday, but that was when I found out that I am a Grandmother!
Our son Paul and his wife of ten months, Kristy, are having a baby next March, due the 14th. And that is the most wonderful birthday news any mother can receive! So, Happy Birthday to me!
Then, yesterday, I spent the day watching the three-movie, extended version of The Lord of the Rings. We got half-way through the third movie and decided to finish up today, after a night's I was coming down the stairs and when I got to the second from the last step, I fell. Yep, down the last two steps, turning my right leg under me, spraining my knee and my foot!
So, the weekend has certainly been a mixed bag ~ a really great birthday, spent with my family all around me, a wonderful celebration of life and love ~ both for my life of my 'many' years and for a new life that has just begun.
And then, a fall down two steps, hurting for a bit on the outside, and yet, it really doesn't matter. On the inside, where it counts, I am still good with it all.
And do you want to know why?
It's not just because I know that my leg will heal, which it will. After a couple of days of not doing too much, keeping it up and catching up on my reading, I'll be fine! I know this. I'll just offer it up for the Poor Souls and, of course, for my new Grandchild.
And it's not just because I had a birthday, albeit a late-50's birthday, one which would send alot of women into a panic...
In the grand scheme of things, in God's great eternal Plan, we are all here and we all have to live the life He gave to each of us. And the reason I'm good with it all is simply this:
That's exactly what I am my babies, bad legs, and all the rest of it.
Praises be to Almighty God, for His Plan is working!!!

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