Friday, November 7, 2008

A Wife? or a Plaything??...

When I was growing up, most children were taught morals and values ~ in other words, to become pregnant before marriage was a reason to feel shame, to be arrested was a cause of embarrassment.
Today, however, this is often not the case. And I can't help but think that it will get even worse before it gets better.
Celebrities in Hollywood are forever touting their illegitimate babies on their arms, boasting in the tabloids of how they are "so in love" with their significant others and that to be held to a "piece of paper" is the way of our grandparents, but not the way of the modern-day thinkers.
Horse manure.
The "way of our grandparents," Ladies and Gentlemen, is the "way of civilization" and by far the best way to be.
My husband is always telling our children (especially our six daughters) what a man looks for in a "plaything" vs what he might want in a "wife."
And, believe me, there is a world of difference.
When a young lady presents herself to the public eye as someone who is out there to get what she can from a young man, that young man who is attracted to her, thinking of all that he can get from her, finds a young lady who deserves exactly what she gets. And it is not often pretty.
Nowadays, fashions are more revealing than in days past because that is the way we are told by the designers that we must have them...but there really is another way! 
A girl who wears low-cut and high-cut fashions is putting out the message that she is "easy" and wants nothing more than to be noticed by men as a "plaything"...and much to her surprise, she is treated as just that! Then, when she ends up hurt or pregnant, or many times in even more trouble, it can be too late. 
Girls like this are often abused and forced into situations that they would have been better off escaping ~ but not always able to in the end.
When I see how my own daughters present themselves to the world, I am really proud to be their mother. Each and every one of them had taken to heart the lessons that their father and I have worked so hard over the years to instill into them ~ and it shows.
Our elder son has chosen for himself a wife who keeps herself as a wife should at all times. Our fourth daughter is recently married and does likewise.
The other six have not yet found their life-mates, but I feel confident that if it is meant to be for any of them, they will find someone who respects and values them as right-thinking individuals who were brought up to present a confident and wholesome face to the rest of the world...and who is proud to be decent and self-respecting. This, I am firmly convinced, will prompt them to have happy, fulfilling relationships with others that will afford them much happiness in the years to come...and to be God-fearing adults who will go on to instill into their own children the opposite values from Hollywood and anyone else who might come along with a so-called "better idea."
The time-tested and true way ~ that of our grandparents ~ is always the best way to be. 

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