Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for April 12, 2008 ~ Sitting, Reflecting...

I have had this Blog now for over a year...sitting, reflecting, writing...
There have been times when I was about to give it all up, not thinking myself any more of a writer than the average Jane on the street. Even tho' some tell me different, my own love Michael the most vocal of all ~ ~ there is that nagging doubt in my mind, nonetheless.
But that's ok.
I read the musings of others; I see that they post about their families, their jobs, their lives. They all, every single one of them, have something to say; and which one of us has the right to take that voice away from them, I wonder??
Certainly not me!
I enjoy reading what others have to say. I like reading their opinions and seeing pictures of their lives, their families...
I often wonder what we would all be doing if we had not the Internet to post ourselves for others to see? Would we have even imagined such a thing twenty years ago? or even ten?
Think back to earlier times, eh? The pilgrims, for example, lol..or maybe the western settlers?
Stepping off the Mayflower, running back to the cabin to grab that laptop...or maybe reaching back into the wagon, inspiration suddenly rearing its head!
Fast forward to Edwardian times...humor me, please. A family in a great mansion, sitting in the parlor, the parents typing away, laughing to themselves as they remember things the children did or said earlier in the day, eagerly relating events to family members who might log on later from faraway in the old country.
And then, we find ourselves in the days of the Great Depression. Do you think those old computers would still be working? Do you think that, with electronic advances so far back into history, that there would have been a Depression to begin with?!? Seems like there would have been so many more jobs to go around!
Now, here I am ~ modern day. Sitting, reflecting, writing...
It might not make sense to anyone reading this, why I take my mind where it follows. And where I end up, no one knows until I get there.
It doesn't matter to me, anyways. I end up where I end up.
There have been many times when I felt inspired to write here, but didn't. I came in, settled with a cup of coffee and a bit of idea, and then pfft!
There it went ~ gone! a puff of smoke.That's the difference between writing and drawing to me. When I feel like writing, I have to follow it immediately, or it's gone. Sometimes I can get it back...but the idea must be completed within a certain timespan. Or it's too late, I don't want to follow it anymore ~ at least that's how it is with most topics, until they strike again.
With drawing, however, I can follow the same Muse for days, weeks, months ~ for as long as it takes to finish a drawing, it doesn't matter. It will get done.
So, speaking for my writing when the idea strikes, this is it. For now. I have followed this idea to its conclusion and found the time and place where it leaves me.
And this time, it leaves me sitting here, reflecting and the bitter end.

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