Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for August 11, 2007 ~ Wow...

Wow...has it really been that long?!? Have I been quiet for once in my life? I guess maybe I have...
Anyway, here I am, nearly three weeks since I last wrote here ~ and not too much has happened! I guess that's why.
Maybe to spice things up a bit, I think I may 'take a walk'...I will take more summer pictures of all that is going on over there in our park. Like the other day, I was driving along, going over the bridge...and I saw out of the corner of my eye, a hawk ~ or at least I think it was a hawk. He was flying downward toward the stream below the road, wings outspread, his flight slowing down and his graceful wings perfectly catching the air at just the right angle...what a beautiful bird!
The trouble is, this is Michigan...and I have a hard time ~ a really hard time ~ with the August heat. If it's only for a few days, I can take it. I'm tough! But it's been like this for weeks. And that's where I draw the line! So, as soon as it gets just a wee bit cooler and less humid, it's into to the woods I go...sounds like a Steven Sondheim song, I think...
And to help step up my drawing, I will be happily carrying my sketchbook with me, perhaps my camera, as well. I am also determined to come home with my pockets full. My samples for my botanical drawing Group so far consist of many dried specimens, and a lovely piece of maple bark. That piece of bark has been sitting on my drawing table for weeks...waiting for its chance to become immortal, and I intend to oblige it!
Following my muse into the woods ~ what could be more fun?!?
Also, our daughter Andrea has asked me to help her design her wedding flowers...and I am busily drawing pictures of those; I have one bouquet idea nearly half-done as far as layout and figuring out what to use...I am going to design her bridesmaids' bouquets, as I have to stay focused and busy! She tells me she wants purple flowers with some white ones, and the 'maids will have white flowers with some purple ones throughout.
I have had a couple of pictures of Andrea's bouquet posted in my web album (links @ Blogroll) and I want to design at least three or four for her to choose from...give her a choice, figure out what she likes the best. She loves the cascade, also wants to 'jewel up' the stem wrap...she also has told me she likes the look of ribbons coming down the cascade in the front, so there will most likely be some of those, as well. Another thing we have talked about is crystals, in the bouquet itself, besides the wrap, but 'How,' she wonders, 'will anyone see them if I'm holding it all in my hands as I walk down the aisle? What would be the point?'
'Don't worry about that,'
I tell her. 'I have an idea that will bring all the crystals to the forefront...they will know that they are there! It's going to be beautiful!'
All of this, plus my botanical drawing ~ and when you think about it, drawing a bouquet of flowers IS botanical drawing ~ I should have plenty of projects to keep me busy for a very long time!
One thing, tho', that I must remember...I am also in the middle of other drawings for other people that I really need to work on, as well. So, I guess when Mike tells me that it's my time to sit at my drawing table and do what I love to do, he's right!
So, bring on the coffee, start up the iTunes, and let us begin! This is going to be fun......

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