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Entry for August 18, 2007 ~ A Bridal Moment...

One of my all-time favorite genres in drawing is flowers...both botanically correct illustration and also simple floral illustration. I love to do both; I belong to a Group @ Yahoo for botanical artists, and there, we do both kinds of drawing. There are artists in there who do the exacting, correct type ~ a la Redoute style ~ and there are others who simply take a pencil or a brush and lay out a simple piece. Either way, I love them all...if you look at my album there, it includes the drawings in my Picasa Web Album, what I have posted so far.

One series I am working on at the moment is our daughter Andrea's wedding bouquets...hers, the 'maids, the ushers, Nick's boutenir...even perhaps, a special piece for them to present to Our Lady, just before the old Catholic custom, which Mike & I observed at our wedding and our son Paul and his new wife Kristy also performed at their wedding.
At my wedding, as I presented my roses to the Holy Virgin, I made a promise to Her that where ever She was found in my home, there would always be flowers for Her there...and I have tried to keep this promise. Even before the pictures or statues where there is really no room to add actual flowers, I have placed them there with a 'spiritual bouquet', giving Her my heart, my soul, my prayers and offerings, asking Her to present them all, in Her own way, to Her Divine Son.
This is what I would wish for my daughter-in-law and for my daughter...and also for any of our other children who will be getting married in the years to come.
The illustration for this post shows how far I am in illustrating Andrea's bouquet ~ the first of four or five designs ~ and yesterday she told me that she finally took a peek, and she loves it! This pleases me no end...I am happy to hear it, I am happy to oblige her dreams.
I want to do more, first of all, so I can give her a choice, and second of all, just because of my love for drawing flowers.
I will probably add the jewels to each of them, also the ribbons, always a cascade...these features seem to be her favorites. Plenty of roses, maybe baby's breath instead of the hydrangeas in the next one, or maybe coral bells...and I can't forget the all-important calla lilies ~ a flower that she specifically mentioned!
I will be updating to this blog as I if anyone who reads this would like to see the finished product, just stay tuned...

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