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Entry for December 13, 2007 ~ Catching Up...Keeping Up...

Well, this is not exactly my calendar, but this time of year, this is exactly what mine looks like...I cannot get two minutes of peace and quiet together to save my life! (good thing I don't have to worry about saving myself too often)
Since I have a family to care for, even the simplest day looms as busy. There are too many things to keep up with, so why do I bother?
There are the endless doctors' appointments...the latest of which was just yesterday's visit to the Cardiac Care Unit @ our hospital for my husband's heart test ~ to make sure that his BIVICD is working properly ~ which it is, thank-you very much! All would have gone smoothly with no problem, if one nurse had listened to him when he said that the IV of anesthesia was actually hurting his arm, and now, since she insisted that she knew best, his arm is swollen and sore...not to mention the doctor's warning as we left, 'Don't forget now, if he falls asleep and can't seem to awaken, call the EMS! He might be losing his airway!' Ok, so maybe it is a bit more complicated than it was supposed to worries! Just enough to leave me hanging on with suspense for the rest of the night! Many thanks to that 'smart' nurse, who ended up re-doing the IV in the end, anyway...and spending the rest of our visit avoiding his room, leaving it to her partner nurse to keep a watchful eye on the 'leaking' medication...
Then there is dd Julia's hold-over from last year's bout with kidney stones...another visit to the specialist the other day, and a new cat scan which we have yet to complete...but all seems to be well there, at least!
Onward to the latest trips to the dentist, which used to be a long afternoon, when they were all small but at least getting it all done at one time, now seemingly non-stop appointments as this one can go on such-and-such day, that one can't make can we please make five different appointments?!? Fine, except that they all have a way of filling up my calendars, and I get to accompany some to these 'calls' as well...and then, when I finally have it 'under control' (I wish!) there is always the one who has to change at the last minute...not to mention ds Paul, who is married and on his own now, but is still trying to keep up his own dental battle...recuperating from an extraction and bleeding that kept up for two days!
And then, there is the extra running as well ~ extra trips here and there, can we do this or that? can we go here or there?
Now that Christmas is just beyond the horizon, there are also all the get-togethers to look forward to...the biggest one being on Christmas Eve, with my own family. Early evening Holy Mass with the kids and on to my brother's house for goodies and frivolity!
O, tis the Season......what joy is mine...
Our Christmas Tree has been up for nearly two weeks, since the First Sunday of Advent, but today we finally got around to hanging the bulk of the ornaments...and I have still to get to all the icicles! Hey ~ one thing at a time, please!!!
And yet, when it is finally finished, it is now, has always been, and always will be my favorite Night Light...the glow of the crystals against the lights is really beautiful, and every year I look forward to this wonderful Evergreen as a highlight of my Season...
Yes, life with a family, especially a large one, is never dull.
And as I sit here, thinking about all that I have to do, all of this along with the things I do for myself ~ reading, drawing, etc. ~ I have to say that I would not change a thing about my life...I really wouldn't.
That is my truth, and I'm sticking to it.

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~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

* Laura
You're so cute! I love it when our Christmas tree is all decorated... next comes the mirror. We need some frosty reflections in our living room! hehe! :-)
Love you! XO
Friday December 14, 2007 - 01:37pm (EST)

* JennD
lol...I think this year we can just do along the top & get the effect of dripping icicles, eh? So pretty...and not all over the TV...haha! But you're right ~ we do need to get more frost up there ~ never enough, is it?!?
love you too, kiddo ~ Mom xo.
Friday December 14, 2007 - 11:28pm (EST)