Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for December 15, 2007 ~ Enough, already!!!

I have literally had it up to here with my van...if anyone reading this can relate to constant non-solicited car trouble then I am not alone.
My van, a 2002 Ford EconoLine converted model...not old, not too high in the mileage department for an almost seven-year-old vehicle ~ only just over 60,000 at this point ~ already has gone through two warranty repairs in the past month!!!
First, about a month ago, the transmission starts to fail ~ and I am driving along while literally jerking with a severe whiplash down the street until I cannot stand it, calling and being told, 'Just bring it right in, Mrs. D....happy to take a look at it!'
So, I do just that.
No worries there, right? 'It's a warranty job, Mrs. D., just a mere $100 deductible and you will have a new transmission! Just leave it to us!'
Two days later, I drive out of the dealership with my supposedly new transmission.
Then, last week, it starts jerking and racing I call. 'Just bring it right back in, Mrs. D., we'll check it out.'
The manager, who test-drives it with me, says he thinks it might be the ignition, not the trans this time...but again, a warranty job. Just another mere $100 deductible, and I'm all set! I leave it again, this time for five days.
We get a call on the second day and are told that it is the head gasket leaking...a big engine job, I understand (my husband put bread and butter on our table for 30 years building this part of the Ford engine, so he knows the work involved here)...but we're good, right? We have our leased replacement, so no worries there!
Yesterday, another call ~ 'Your van is ready to be picked up; don't forget to get to it today if possible, or you will have to renew your leased car!'
'No problem,'
I reply. 'There's nothing I love more than driving around in a billboard!'
So, I go in to pick up the van and turn in our rental...the service tech shakes my hand and once again exclaims how lucky we are to have such a wonderful warranty agreement ~ two major jobs within a month, for just $200!
Wow...imagine my elation here...not.
You see, when we took it in this second time, as it was racing and jerking again and being told that our (what we thought) new trans was really just an overhaul...
Well, that would be ok for some, but today as I was driving my daughter to her work, it went out on me AGAIN!
We were driving along and suddenly it started to whine and race and I could not get it to go over 35mph, in a 50mph zone, no needless to say, sitting in the lot at her work and waiting for her sister to come out (she was just getting out of work ~ they work in the same shop) I called my husband and told our son to stand by...and then, when I tried to start it up again, I am suddenly jerked forward with a huge lurching I put it back into park and called home...
'I am not driving this van home ~ I am not driving this van another foot! Come and get me!'
So, dear son comes to pick us up and I am now sitting here, sans van, thinking about how nice should I be when we get these people on the line first thing Monday morning and explain to them that they get to tow in our 'running like new' van, which they swore to us was all set, and FIX IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!!
Honestly, what ever happened to the old-fashioned horse and buggy? I hear tell all they needed was enough hay to feed the horses and an occasional new wheel......

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