Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for December 19, 2007 ~ The Annual 'Rush'...

Well, I'm ready! Are you?
I'm talking about Christmas shopping here...the big mad rush to fill up every bag and bundle in sight...the crowds and the music and the lights and all the rest of it...Yes, I am done!
I laugh at the crowds this time of the year; I never 'do' the mall. As a matter of fact, I have never 'done' the mall for Christmas in my entire life!
I 'did' catalogs when my children were small; then it was one trip to Sears or w/e to pick up the order ~ $500 or $600 worth, but it was all I could do ~ and I would get it all in one day! Then, I would browse other catalogs and make miscellaneous orders to be delivered to my home.
Now, even easier here...all stored in my laptop! that's where I find it all, and the selection is limitless!
Of course, nowadays, we only get a couple of gifts for each of the kids, as they all work and buy for each other as that really did alot to cut down on the list. And, as we did last year, I expect we will gather around the Tree and pass out gifts to each one was so much more personal and enjoyable that way.
I do feel for everyone who leaves their shopping until the last minute; I was never able to do that, myself...with eight children, I would not have survived the Season if I had tried! But I can say this: I am so much more calm about it all, now that I don't have to start in July, lol...and get it done by Thanksgiving!
The Season has come to mean alot more to me now that I can honestly focus on the real spirit and not on money and buying toys and the annual 'meltdown'...
Yes, I am done; I wish I had been this easy about it all years ago ~ I could have saved myself so much hassle...I talk to some now who started out giving their children two or three things right from the beginning, and I think, 'Why did I feel like I had to do so much?'
I'm sure my children would say the opposite ~ but I guess we all live and learn.
I certainly have; and I don't regret my life's journey...
One thing I would not change is the memories of all those Christmases of the Past...I wish with all my heart that I could go back and re-live each and every one of them!
But I can also say that I am most grateful to Almighty God that they seem to have picked out the most important meanings from the Season and kept them all in their hearts.
And that is the most important Gift of all......

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