Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for January 06, 2008 ~ A Few Thoughts...

Just a few words...
The end of the Christmas Season, back to the day-to-day. New Year's come and gone...Little Christmas (the Epiphany) today, over soon enough.
Everyone about town taking down their outdoor lights, Nativities and plastic Santas.
Mike & I went out for a late lunch today at one of our favorite local restaurants...and they had their lights in a pile at the front entrance, just waiting for someone to pack them away. The neighbors are all out taking down wreaths, inflatable snowmen (thank goodness for that!), and all the rest of it.
And all I keep thinking is this: Will they pack away their spirit along with the boxes and bags? Will they remember, come the middle of April, for example, that they had just four months earlier been wishing everyone they know a 'Happy New Year' and 'All the Best of the Season'?
Will they be cutting their fellow drivers off on their busy way? Will they be taking cuts in lines at the grocery stores? Will they be back-stabbing and name-calling at every cross-turn?
Of course they will...
This is Earth after all ~ not Heaven!
A New Year's resolution for every one of us should be 'I will remember the good things I wished for everyone during the Christmas Season!'
Ask me again in April...let's see how we are doing then, eh?

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