Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for January 23, 2008 ~ A-aa-agh-gh!!!

Oh, my g-o-s-h!
Could this get any worse?!?
For nearly two weeks, our routers have been 'on the Fritz'...ever since removing the Christmas Tree to its off-season resting place and moving the TV back to its normal position, cabinet et al, we have been having nothing but problems with the routers!
First of all, as the TV cabinet was being moved back into position, someone must have stepped on the plug connection to the upstairs wireless router (a D-Link) and broke the casing, thereby making it impossible for the connection to remain solid.
So, no we went to the local Best Buy, because of course they will have a replacement cord ~
"I'm sorry, ma'am...we do not stock replacement cords for routers; but if you like, you may buy a new router and install that instead."
Well, at the time, I was thinking, no! all I need is the cord...the router is fine. And by the way, who could be thinking that a store that calls itself Best Buy ~ complete needs for all electronics and such are served under one roof ~ could not possibly stock a simple electric cord?!?
So, off we went to the nearby Radio Shack ~ but uh! oh! ~ they closed ten minutes ago. Bummer, that...
On to Meijer's ~ where, to our dismay, they DID have a universal replacement cord, but only two in stock and both packages had been broken into, making it impossible for the clerk to allow us to buy either one!
"Nope, sorry ~ no more in the back room, either!"
It figures......
Well, since by now it was too late to do anymore about it, we were stuck with the connection that was 'leaking' out and about the neighborhood for the rest of the night and then, in the morning, a brand new day in which to do battle.
In the morning, we went to Micro Center, the biggest computer conglomerate in the whole of the state, and asked there about a new cord...and, once again, were told there was no such thing, but would we like to look at an upgraded router, perhaps a Linksys?
Fine, but only if it came with a guarantee of bringing the Internet with it!
Of course, no problem...
Well, since it was on sale and we did have no choice, we went with that.
And for the next week and a half, the confusion of having two IP addresses in the same household (between the wired router, also a Linksys, in the basement ~ hooked up to an old, non-functioning desktop) and the wireless, shiny new one upstairs ~ hooked up to send signals to all the wireless laptops throughout the rest of the house ~ we were sent into a veritable Hell of unimaginable Internet horror, complete with lost signals, no signals, slow starts, lost pages, a possible virus, and of course, the option of returning said wireless router to the store to exchange it for (hopefully) a working one, which we did eventually do ~ at the advice of our future son-in-law, our family computer expert, Nick. Since that time, this past weekend, he has re-configured the entire set-up, so hopefully this is the last of our router dilemma!!
Add to this the fun attraction of having to have my entire laptop overhauled by Nick (bless his smart heart!) and there is my past two rest for the weary, I always say.
Of course, there remains the possibility that the demon who watches over all the Internet and seems to have no end of tricks up his sleeve, may just decide to pay us another visit sometime in the future...but I would like to interject here that may he please just wait until I am long dead and gone? I know we can very well do without the Internet itself; I mean, after all, what did people do for fun way back then, eh? But the thought of having several children in college and needing it as everyone assumes nowadays that everyone has it, and not to mention the hoardes of paper work that can accumulate upon a household of busy people who wait patiently (hopefully) for the page to load ~ this is not to be tolerated for long!
And just what may happen upon us as we sit at our laptops ~ I would pray would not be so terrifying as a stalker behind every curtain!
But you just never you?!?

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