Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for January 27, 2007 ~ Light!

God said, 'Let there be light.'
And the world was lit up with the glow of the sun, the moon, the stars...
We live in a world of light and shadow. We appreciate the light for the way it guides us, warms us, helps us grow.
Artists appreciate the light in a special way, unique to them ~ the light shows true color, bringing with it the meaning of every hue, tint and shade. Without the true light an artist cannot paint what he sees or feels without a compromise. If he wishes to show this in an imaginary world, he still needs to see the imagined colors with which he imbues his a pink horse or a blue tree...and the viewer will see it as well.
If a flower is turned from the sun it will not grow. It needs the light of day to germinate, to mature and to reach its peak of bloom...left in the dark it leads a half-life of shadow and will wilt to die. Anyone who has ever worked a garden knows this to be true.
Almighty God, in His wisdom, has left the dark alone. He gives us the contrast of light and dark to allow our appreciation to supplant itself in our hearts...the light He grants to the moon is but the reflection of the sun; it cannot stand on its own, but in its own way, it lights the way in the dark...leading us to our destination, our home.
In this way, He shows us our way to Him.
Our Blessed Mother has been compared to the moon...her light is a tiny fraction of the Light of her Son Jesus; in her way, she is a perfect reflection of His Light, and she shows us the way home to Him, and His Light, the light of the Sun, will be our eternal reward.
We will be the flowers that turn to the Light. We will see our true colors in the eternal glow of His glory. We will never again know the dark.
And God said, 'It is good.'

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