Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for June 04, 2008 ~ A New Day...

Pictured above, one hand-carved, blackthorn Celtic walking stick ~ a shillelagh ~ named for a Leprechaun's weapon, in this instance, a simple "cane" to help somebody like me to get around.
The ones they sell in medical supply stores are boring, no artistic merit to the design whatsoever, functional of course, but ugly as sin. So, when the idea occurred to me that I might have to use an aid like this as my leg heals, the first thing I told myself was, "Self, you are going to the Celtic shoppe and getting one of these!"
Yesterday I saw the doctor and he told me that, even tho' I still have a hairline fracture of the lower tibia, as long as it doesn't hurt, I can put my weight back on it, but to keep my walker handy nearby. If it does hurt, don't walk or stand on it.
That's fine, and I thank you, doc, but I am done with the walker ~ I hope! No more walker for me! I have been stumbling around for the past nine months (except for December/January) with a walker, and I am tired of it. If I really need it, it's up against the wall, waiting for me to take it up again. But I have already been using my stick for the past two days and I can say from the bottom of my heart, "What a difference!"
So far it looks as if I am still laid up, here on the couch, where I have been for the past three months, but that's ok with me. Like I said, I have plenty to keep me busy!
Only now, leaning up against my seat, ready to get me from room to room, place to place, is my trusty shillelagh, and let me say this:
It sure feels good to be able to get around once again! And every day I get closer to that goal of not needing anything to help me but my own two feet, as God intended. But He surely has been with me every "step" of this way, and for that, I thank Him with all my heart......
And, might I add here ~ as a Faerie-Tale loving Artist like me, and as one with a great deal of Scottish/English (and a bit o' the Irish) heritage in my background, I hope this makes my Celtic ancestors proud!

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