Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for June 12, 2008 ~ Progress, eh? ;)...

It occurs to me that there are some things in life that move quickly ~ the passing of a day, the flight of a bird overhead...
And there are other things that don't ~ the growth of an oak tree, the healing of a broken bone...
Sometimes I feel as tho' these past few months have flown by, sometimes I feel as tho' it had taken me forever to get this far.
The other day, Mike & I were out to breakfast, and I asked him to stop at the mail box so that I could return a DVD to ~ I get two per month, minimum membership. As we turned the car around, he stopped in the parking lot and asked me if I felt up to driving home.
Since it is only four blocks away, I figured I could do it; I was right. It felt good to get behind the wheel again, and putting that pressure on the brake pedal, using my broken leg, felt fine. It didn't hurt at all.
Mike tells me that, even tho' the doctor has given me the green light to start walking again, keeping my cane nearby, he doesn't want me to do that much yet.
I was taking a few things into the other room later that day and he told me that "no way should you be doing so much walking around."
Obviously, my husband is being very protective of me. It is nice to have a spouse who worries and protects like he does. Not that I want him to have to worry, but it's nice to know that he does.
As I look at this picture of a shell lying on a deserted beach, I think to myself that sometimes a person's life can be just like this. Nobody around to see the "progress" the animal ~ a crab, a snail, anything ~ may make, crawling along the water's edge, silently making its way to the other side of the beach.
Eventually, Mike won't mind if I move on to driving, walking and other things, lol ~ but in the meantime, I make a bit of progress here, a bit of progress there.
I go back to the doctor in four weeks...we'll see what he says then. In the meantime, I will bow to my better half and take my time, one step at a time.
Progress. That's what it's all about!

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