Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for June 13, 2008 ~ It's Ok To Be Grateful...

I looked up the word "gratitude" on Google...clicked on "images" and this picture showed up...I cannot remember where I found it; I believe it was @ a blog written by a Jewish rabbi on the subject of gratitude.
If you happen to come across this image in my blog, I'm sorry, Rabbi, I would give your site credit ~ I was quite struck by the graphic ~ but my Internet went "down" for a few minutes before I could save your name.
But in a hand, no pun intended, it shows exactly what this post is all about today......
It occurs to me that people just don't show enough gratitude these days. When one is given more in life than one can possibly or reasonably expect to receive, this person should be grateful. Grateful to Almighty God, most of all, but also to his/her fellows.
If a debt is paid, or if one is forgiven a debt, why not say "thank-you" and be done with it? Why drag it out?!? Or if someone comes into an unexpected windfall, just be happy ~ things could be alot worse!
Recently we were officially retired. Mike has been a Ford employee since 1972, and since his medical started, he was not working of course...but home for the past (nearly) three years. Now it is on the books; he no longer works for them. God has been so good to us that we are able to keep up, provide for our needs, enjoy our family.
Why would I not be grateful for this?!?
Believe it or not, there are many who would think differently, but that's their problem. I have always been one to trust in Providence, not being able to see what lies ahead, but knowing that He will take care of everything, no matter what it is.
There have been countless times in my life when I thought we would not make it (financially) but we always managed to pull through.
I cannot begin to count all the times when we were fearful for one of our children ~ illnesses, trouble with bullies at school, one or two times when one or another of them went missing for a time (long story) ~ and yet, now as I sit here and remember back, all is fine. It all worked out. No worries, as they say...
There are many in our acquaintance who tried to tell us that a large family in this day and age is a crazy way to get through life, but that's their problem ~ again. Not mine. Not ours.
As a matter of fact, Mike and I, to some people's way of thinking, were never supposed to make it at all. Not as a couple, not financially, not as a family unit...not in any way, shape or form.
I laugh now. We both do.
And every day, as we look around at what we have, at the way our children have turned out, and at everything Almighty God has blessed us with, we can't help but be grateful!
It is only right to be this way ~ and we know it.

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