Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for March 07, 2008 ~ So, How Am I Doin' So Far?...

Well, at least now, some progress...
I saw the doctor yesterday, and it's all good. My leg is still perfect inside, although I must admit it is not without color on the outside.
Ten new scars!
Yep ~ ten!
...small ones, all of them, and for each one I am grateful, since without them I would still be lying on the sidewalk, my leg and foot bent at incredibly unnatural angles...but how funny to have five staples here, seven there, three sutures down here, another four or five over there, etc.
When I first went in for my second surgery, after lying in my hospital bed for three days with an external fixator on my leg, the surgeon ~ Dr. Patrick W. ~ told me that I would either have one long scar down the front of my shin, or several small ones here and there, and it all depended on what he found when he saw my bones. As it turned out, the latter is what I got, and I don't mind either way, but I have to say that it does look kinda funny.
But at least now, I have only six more weeks of no weight-bearing to look forward to, then it's walking in the same boot/cast, followed by (maybe) some therapy and probably after about a total of four-to-five months, I will be done!
There are, of course, a few things coming up in my life that I am happy to say will not be so affected by my lack of mobility at present ~ the upcoming birth of our first Granchild, little Andrew Michael, due the end of this month, for one thing, and I plan to be there, in my wheelchair ~ ~ welcoming him with happy arms, and nothing, least of all a broken leg, is going to stop me!!!
My consecration to my Guardian Angel takes place some time in April, and I don't see the doctor again until that last week, so I am afraid I will still be in a wheelchair for the ceremony...but I don't think my Angel will mind that. He will still be there at my side, with his hand on my shoulder, taking my Promise with delight and satisfaction!
Later this Summer, when our daughter Andrea gets married, I am hoping to be able to dance! She has been with her Nick for over seven years, and we are all anxiously awaiting the day.
And in the middle of all this, our daughter Mary is planning to move into her first home, either a condo or a house, and I am hoping to be able to be there for her, to help clean or paint, unpack or whatever else she might need me to do...I might have to do most of this later in the season, of course, but I don't think she will care, as long as she knows that I am there for her!
In the meantime, here I sit ~ drawing pictures, reading and playing on my laptop ~ and watching movies on the DVD player...So much to do and so little time, lol...
Well, since that is my life right now, I guess I am resigned. I have no choice. But to tell the truth, I am happy to be here, out of the hospital, home with my family, getting spoiled. My leg will be all better by the end of the Summer, and just in time to miss the growing season by the way, but c'est la vie!
When I get there, I will be none the worse for wear, and this will be one experience I will always remember fondly as the time I got to be lazy ~ with the perfect excuse!

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~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

* jenni…
Ahhhh, an update! Yay! I cannot believe everything you are going through for your poor leg!! And I cannot believe you are in a wheelchair when you practically just got finished with a cane! We're going to have to tie pillows to you! ;o) By the way, I love to hear about your kids--You make me want to have about fifty! :o)
Monday March 17, 2008 - 11:28pm (EDT)

* JennD
hey, Jen ~ Pillows sound good, lol...then whenever I fall I can just take a nap while I'm lying there. Theresa & Laura are getting me a shileleigh @ the Celtic shop where they work, so I'll have an authentic blackthorn stick to walk around with, altho' I might give in to my Artist's side and add some decoration to it ;)...maybe a gold coin for luck to keep me from going down again!
Tuesday March 18, 2008 - 10:28am (EDT)