Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for March 12, 2008 ~ A Heart of Gold...

My husband has some health problems...and a couple of things are serious enough to keep him out of work permanently. He has been on a medical since June, 2005. Off and on for several months before that, and finally our family doctor refused to OK his return to work ~ for good.
We have been through so much together these past few years, all the doctor's visits, the hospital stays, the paperwork to get the early retirement and Social Security disability ~ no small feat, believe me!
And yet, when I look back on all of this, all I see is the man I married, his love for his family, and his heart of gold.
For over 30+ years he has slaved away at his factory job to support me and our eight children. He has gone without complaint to the one place on earth where he did NOT want to be, just so we could eat and keep a roof over our heads. He has put up with more than is expected from most other men, just because of his determination to do the best he possibly could.
And when his health problems got to be too much for him, he took a medical leave, and now, nearly three years later, he is very nearly complete with preparations for medical retirement.
I thank Almighty God every day of my life for this man I married.
Today we had an appointment with his heart specialist, and the news was very good ~ his "numbers" are excellent. He is doing fine. The doctor said he is more lucky than most...and for my part, I would like to believe that.
But there is more...
I credit prayer and hard work. I credit monitoring his medications, and his diet. I credit the diligence of health professionals, to be sure, but even more than that, I credit his heart of gold.
He knows I love him. He listens to me. He would never do anything to hurt me or our family.
He has surprised more than one doctor with his "numbers." And I daresay he will continue to do so ~ all with God's help, of course. His heart of gold, especially where his love for his family is concerned, won't let him do any less that that.
Yes, my husband is a remarkable man. He not only confounds his doctors, he continues to amaze me, and I've known him for more than half of my life! I have never known any man with more love in his heart, and his is truly a heart of gold that beats with a strength that no doctor can measure.

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