Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for March 31, 2008 ~ My Favorite Things...

Everybody has 'em. Not everybody breaks into actual song over them , however, but they do impact our lives, just the same.
It could be a flavor of ice cream, a color, a book or movie ~ something that reflects what we are, who we would become, or even just a remembrance of an early childhood event or memory.
Yes, a favorite thing is ONE thing that everybody has in common. It doesn't matter where we come from or where we are going. It doesn't matter what our family is like, or what we like to do. Something in there will become a "favorite thing" by the time we grow up and stay with us for the rest of our lives.
As I look around the house I see all kinds of favorite things, some belong to the kids, some to me or my husband. They could be sports-related, Art-related, musical or story-telling. In a family of ten people, there are alot of collections going on ~ all the time ~ trust me when I say this!
Not everyone in my family is an Artist, like me. Dear daughter Andrea is, however, and so are Theresa & Laura. Our son Paul is an Artist also, does wonderful things with 3-D materials, especially wood. That collection (toolboxes and piles of materials) went with him when he got married, but there are many reminders around here just the same... ...mainly examples of his work ~ shelves, picture frames, carpentry to the house itself.
Our other son Stephen, on the other hand, is a Sports enthusiast. Football, soccer, running and working out are his passions. So, in his room, there are trophies and equipment everywhere. He is also good with wood, but for now is not as "into" it as is his brother. Probably years from now, when he has his own home, he will be grateful at least to have knowledge of it.
Mary, our oldest daughter, is an Oz fanatic. Wizard of Oz books, statues, glass globes and DVDs will fill the shelves and tabletops of her new condo when she moves out in about a month...but a ready-made decor is awaiting her!
And so it goes on...every member of a family, no matter how large or small, leaves his or her mark on the environment...for better or worse. As they have grown and moved on, I have come to expect my home to reflect the tastes and interests of my children...and whoever is the next to move out will be taking all of their personal collection with them.
I have to say that, all the years of complaining and grumbling about "stuff" has brought me naught but memories of sharing my space with a group of individuals whose tastes and interests have left their mark upon my psyche.
Even when those particular collections have not been a reflection of my own interests, they have been a reflection of those of my nearest and dearest. And whether they were "raindrops on roses" or "whiskers on kittens" made absolutely no difference at all in the Grand Scheme of things. Any collection that shows a tiny bit of someone I love has been a welcome addition to my home, and I will always profess that, of all my own "favorite things" that reflect my own tastes and interests, those of my family will continue to clutter the corners of my heart ~ and out-shine any collection of "things" that I could have come up with on my own.

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