Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for May 05, 2007 ~ Smell the Roses...

Well, here we are ~ another year, another Spring!
I love this time of year, as I can get out to the yard and keep my feeders filled, tend to my gardens.
I have to really get on the ball this time as we are so late with the Season, I almost missed all the birds...if I don't get them set out, they will just go elsewhere & I won't get to see all the finches, cardinals, juncos, woodpeckers,...
We finally put a new lawn in last year, complete with underground sprinklers. It's amazing and beautiful! I don't ever have to worry again about moving that sprinkler around every half hour all day long, just to have to do it all again a week later ~ or sooner! And they came today to open them up for the year, so we are good to go!
The grass is the best we've ever had in our nearly 30 years of marriage...finally! With Scots Lawn Service coming every few weeks, I don't see a problem with the yard ever again.
Now if I can only get more flowers ~ that is my next hurdle ~ I come!

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