Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for November 22, 2007 ~ Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today, traditionally, is the day on which we give our thanks to Almighty God for all that we have, all that we love, all that we are. Being American from birth, I have nothing but 57 years of memories of this feast day, from my earliest existence until today.
And I have much that I am grateful for ~ my family, my home, my Faith ~ these are what matter most to me, and I will thank Him for all of this until my dying day.
On the other hand, my being one of the lucky ones does not excuse me from doing right by my neighbor, he who has not been so lucky in life, who is poor, hungry, cold and homeless. The ones who suffer from having no one to care for them, a life lived without knowing love ~ those are the ones who probably wonder what the rest of us do while keeping warm inside our homes, while our families and friends gather around us to give thanks...while they, on the other hand, watch from without, never knowing what it is to be safe, warm, well-fed and happy.
Will we forget to pray for them? Will we give to their needs? Will we be able to look them in the eye tomorrow and say, 'I tried to help'?!?
A reminder, then, on this Thanksgiving Day, traditionally when we give grateful praise to God ~ give a thought to the ones who suffer, who want, who have nothing ~ and try to remember that we, who have so much, will be asked if we did.
You can be sure, by everything that is holy, that He will ask you......

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