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Entry for October 07, 2007 ~ Respect Life Sunday...

As anyone who comes to my Blog here knows by now, I am a wife and a mother ~ of eight children, two more in Heaven.
I have a deep and abiding love for my own family, and also, for mankind at large.
Today is Respect Life Sunday, which is promoted in every Catholic church throughout the world as a time for prayer and for action. To pray for the lives of the unborn, the infirm, the disabled, the aged.
I have two Blogs, the one at Google's Blogger, which I keep Catholic, and this one here on Yahoo where I write about anything and everything.
I was going to post about my new garden flowers, which were delivered finally in yesterday's packages, but I have changed my mind. I can write about flowers anytime. The garden will be there for many years to come...especially since the flowers I ordered are all perennials.
But will the babies be here in two days? A year? Years from now? Will their mothers, fathers, grandparents, doctors embrace them and call them their own? Or will they be aborted, either by burning with acid, torn apart with pincers, or by any other Mengele-like torture that our so-called 'modern' society can dream up?
What about the disabled and infirm? Will they be properly taken care of? Will they be given a decent place in which to live? Decent clean clothes? Warmth in the Winter? Enough food to eat? Or will they be shoved aside, left to starve in the streets, ignored and beaten down by those who think they know better? ...or think they ARE better?!?
And how about the elderly, either in our homes or in retirement centers, where they are left to lie in their beds, urine-soaked and half-starved? Robbed blind of their humanity and very dignity as Children of God...what of them?
Bl. Margaret of Costello was born handicapped ~ blind, hunchbacked, pock-marked. Her parents, who were horrified that their daughter should be so 'imperfect', left her alone, locked in a hut deep in the woods and sent servants to bring her food. But she was denied any loving human contact.
Finally, a priest who had heard of her plight, went to teach her about the Faith...and she was overjoyed when he told her that Our Lord was also kept a Prisoner! 'O let me be like Him!' was her constant prayer after that...
When she got older, she was allowed to leave the prison in which she had been living for years...and some charitable people took her to live with them in a nearby town. There, she inspired everyone she met with the love of her God ~ when she died, her funeral was attended by many hundreds of people...and miracles started happening almost immediately, all through her powerful intercession with her 'Prisoner' Lord!
Bl. Margaret is just one of many Saints who have lived the pro-life message to the letter of God's Law.
Would that we could all be just a little more like her......

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