Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entry for September 12, 2007 ~ So, Still Feeling Safe? Hmm-m...

It's a wonder they aren't sued for every penny they have...these sites that publish private information on private individuals, like me, everything they can find.
I am talking here of sites like, and their ilk...Internet low-life, if you will.
Sites that any perfect stranger can go to, find anything they want to, about anyone they like...things that are actually not even public domain ~ such as private, unlisted phone numbers, any other information they can dig up. Then they put it out there for any stalker, lurker, creep to use against innocent people ~ like me.
People on the Internet who are not what they say they are, using this information against someone who has never said one word, done one thing, to them...
Endangering families, making threats online, sending unsolicited packages or mailings to a person's home, taking away that person's right to privacy (not actually in the Constitution but implied just the same) and security.
People who, thinking they have a right to give people sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns, even if they have nothing to hide ~ like me.
I am not a Saint. I have done things in my life of which I am not proud. But they were my sins, my shortcomings, my faults. They never endangered anyone else, only my immortal soul.
I have since come back to my beloved Roman Catholic Church and I have not left Her since.
I have not, either, done things against the Laws of man...I am no criminal. I have nothing to hide there. My family is not notorious. My family is just like other our lives as they come, not willfully hurting any one else.
But, for what ever reason, our personal and private information is 'out there', listed on these websites for any stalkers or lurkers to find, publish with no right of their own, never putting their own identity for me to know, like the lurking, skulking, borderline animals that they are.
Cowards, the lot of 'em...every one...saying things about my family ~ maybe someone else's will be next??! I have no idea...and I have never done anything to deserve any of it.
These websites that publish what they want to, telling the world about my family, should all be strung up, reported to the FBI, the FCC, taken to the cleaners, bankrupted, confiscated, sued, and put away in the trash bins of every computer, every browser...
And forget about reporting the call-names to domains like Yahoo ~ no answer there! Yahoo has no clue of what to do...and if it is reported to the authorities, who knows how long it takes for them to trace it?
I am talking here about online harassment, and the people who think they can publish private information on innocent citizens should be taken out and put away for good. And those who think they can use this information to harass and threaten innocent citizens, likewise to them...

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