Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Flight...For Me?

There are reasons that anything might come to us during our lifetimes. One is because God wills that it should happen and thus, it does.
Then there is that other way that, although I am a firm in His Design, I cannot but wonder if my life is taking a curious turn here and there ~ all along the way to the ending, wherever and whenever that may be.
I have been noticing of late that, even though it is the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn, the butterflies are more profusely in my line of sight than they have been all season...and I can't help but wonder "why?" Of course they are busy about the flowers, gathering strength for their migratory flights, but even more than that, never have I seen so many, all different varieties, crossing my path as I travel along the road. We have not noticed any more butterflies in the gardens than usual ~ as a matter of fact, they seem to be following the paths and roadways even more than the flowers these days! Perhaps they are busily mapping out travel routes? Let's see...which way South, hmm-mm-m...?
For the past three weeks, every single day, I have been confronted with at least one, sometimes two, even occasionally three butterflies ~ at various intervals ~ flitting into view, crossing the road right in front of us as we drive along, usually on our way out to our daily breakfast.
I said to my husband Mike that there is something going on here; perhaps a sign from my Muse? lol...I don't really know why, but for whatever reason, I am seeing this all over the place!
Our daughter Theresa agrees with me. She tells me that she herself was confronted by a small yellow fluttering fellow, as she was walking along on her way home from Mass this past Sunday. It kept her company for the distance of three houses ~ and these houses are not close to one another, either!
"This is a sign," she told me. "My favorite color? Following me, only me..."
I'm beginning to think she might just have a point there!
Yesterday, as we sat in our booth at one of our favorite breakfast "haunts" I remarked to Mike that I had just realized, while sitting there, that I had not noticed any butterflies crossing our path that morning and I was actually disappointed, bordering on worried...
But then, as I gazed out the window, I spotted one, fluttering across the parking lot, on his way to whatever engagement he was pressed to attend.
"There he is!" I exclaimed.
"Who?" Mike queried.
"My daily dose of flutterby!" I replied, exasperated that he did not catch on immediately. "I was wondering if I was going to spot one today; I always see one in front of the car as we move along ~ you know that! I find myself looking forward to it..."
"Well, I am very satisfied for you, Jenn," he smiled as he sipped his coffee. "I know how much the butterflies mean to you. Are you happy now?"
I snuggled down into my seat, held my coffee with both hands and blew into the warmth of it all.
"Yes," I answered. "I am. Very much so."
And I lived contentedly to blog another day...

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