Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not A Compliment!

What follows here is a letter that I felt compelled to write to the "Powers-that-Be" @ our local college, where several of our children attend classes:
To Whom It May Concern:
I was at the Center campus library "turnaround" this evening about 9:30 and a police officer in a van pulled up and told me that I was not allowed to park there, even though I was NOT PARKED...my car's engine was obviously running and I had my hazard lights flashing. There is a sign there that says "no parking" but I am under the impression that "standing in a running car" does NOT constitute parking!
Also, he was very rude when he told me to move and when I told him I was only waiting for my daughter, who was to be coming from the library, he told me to move and that she was to wait for me, I was not to wait for her!
First of all, who is he to decide what I do for my children and how dare he tell me to move when I was NOT doing anything illegal?
I did not get his name or badge number, nor the number of his van, but I would be willing to bet that, just before this happened, he was the same man who had pulled over another driver in the campus "circle drive" on the other side of the library...so afterwards he would have had time to come up behind me. The timing was just too coincidental...and I'd bet that you could identify him by this.
My daughter is a young woman of class, not some street hooker who is accustomed to standing on street corners in the dark of the night, alone, just waiting for anyone to happen by...and I can guarantee you that if she were to come outside to see that I was nowhere in sight, she would go back inside and wait until I pulled up!
I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen and I do not expect, nor do I deserve, to be treated like I was a law-breaker. I was NOT doing anything wrong by waiting there, with the car ON and my lights flashing so anyone could see me there and pull around if they needed to...and if an emergency vehicle were to come through, I would be more than capable of pulling out of the way, because you see, as I said I WAS NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL OR WRONG. And I WAS NOT PARKED!
People sit there all the time waiting for students to come out of buildings and I daresay that there are many other things he could have been doing, rather than throwing his weight around bullying those of us who are simply trying to get our children home safely at night.
My daughter was just telling us the other day that she is very uncomfortable there alone at night, and now I know why...these so-called officers are not there to enforce the law ~ they are there to harass innocent people.
By the way, where was this "officer of justice and law" when I pulled out of the campus a few minutes later, my daughter safely in the car with me, and there was a car, blocking a DRIVING LANE, not a thought to others coming up from behind?!? Hmm-mm-m????
Just curious...
I must say that I was quite upset when I first came home (with Julia) and I am most curious to see if I get a response...I doubt it.

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