Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do you ever...

Do you ever sit & wonder about things? Like, I have this Blog. What to write about? What is going on in my life today? Why does anyone care? Do I get any readers? or do they think to themselves, "O my goodness, get over yourself already?!?"
Well, I am not so conceited to think that there is anyone out there who gives a flying fig about what I think or how my life is going, day to day, other than my husband *God love his heart*, my children *ditto that* or hopefully, my grandson ~ someday.

Again, lol...

Well, for anyone "out there" who cares, my life is going just fine ~ and thank-you so much for asking, for caring, for giving a flying fig.
The birds are still in the sky, freezing their tail feathers off probably. But do they seem bothered by it? Of course not! God created them to enjoy the vast big blue that is their home. And, believe me, they do! Every inch of it.
And as for the ground creatures ~ too much to keep track of, so I will simply dwell on one, for an example.
There is a gray squirrel who lives in the blue spruce in our front yard who scampers about the place like he owns it. He is perennially digging, burying, digging up what he buried yesterday...and his cycle goes on, day to day, just like mine does. Just like yesterday. And does he worry about the birds flying over his head? Of course not. He, like them, is doing what he was created to do.
And there are a million other squirrels *of all colors* in the neighborhood doing exactly the same thing he is doing.
Every day.
I say, good for them.

They don't care that I have things to do, places to go, people to see. We let each other live our respective lives, just as God intended.
But when I sit and think, "What would my life be like without them in it? How would I like it if God had never created my fellow creatures?" I know it seems silly to be wondering about things like this, but things just come to me & I cannot stop it from I don't try.
I am told all the time *by those in the know* that I am not like most other people. And I am happy about that. I am what God made me. I try to live each day, each and every moment, as I would hope He would have me live.
I don't care if others do as I do, think as I think or say as I say. It is enough for me that I do, think, say.
And for any of you "out there" who may give a flying fig, thank-you.
But you needn't worry about it, if you have your own life to live. I won't try to stop you from it, I promise. Just once in a while, give a thought to me, to our fellow creatures, and thank God for all that He has done.
And try to give a flying fig.

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